Drum Tracks For Your Songs Recorded By Me In My Studio (Samples)

(Samples Below)

I have a studio set up for recording drum tracks at very affordable rates. I record the drum tracks on my own time using whatever bed track and instructions you email me. I include some audio editing in my rate (I will likely EQ the drum track post recording and possibly add some effects for example).

I can also include revisions for a small extra fee if you want the option to review my initial work and make requests for changes.

I can upload the Wave files to you through DropBox or possibly another file sharing website.

Of course I can also go to whatever recording studio you are working at and record there in person using my drums or a kit already set up at the studio.

I can also program drum tracks using virtual instruments and send you Wave Files and Midi Files for them. This could be beneficial for certain projects, particularly if you will be doing a lot of audio production work on the drum tracks after I have recorded them, or would like to have the option of replacing the specific drum sounds later.

Feel free to get in touch for more info on this service, details of my set up and my rates.

I look forward to making music with you!

Sample below is from the song “I Drove All Night” (written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly) (as recorded by Cyndi Lauper). Drums have been replaced by a drum track I performed and recorded. The rest of the track was not recorded by me but was edited. The short song clip at the beginning of the video (if you rewind) is “I Drove All Night (written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly) (as recorded by Roy Orbison). I did not play on that part.

Sample below is from the song “My Love” (written by Lionel Richie) (as recorded by Albert Kaprielian and Mike McNeil).

This drum track was performed by me and was recorded and mostly edited by me in my studio. All other instruments and vocals, as well as the final mix (and possibly some additionally audio work on the drums) were done by someone else.

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