Online Drum Lesson Policies

Online Drum Lesson Policies

For the purposes of these policies the terms I, me and myself are considered to mean Michael McNeil). For any questions please contact me at

At least one party that I am communicating with will be sent a link to these policies by email before confirming any lessons. I am not responsible for making all parties involved aware of these policies if there are more than 1 parties involved. If the responsible party agrees to confirm lessons with me (for themselves or another party) and I agree to provide these lessons, this will be considered an agreement by all parties involved (that I am aware of) to abide by these policies and the party I provide them to is responsible (as is relevant) to provide them to any other parties involved and ensure their consent to and compliance with these policies.

I reserve the right to update any of these policies at any time but would give you 4 weeks notice before they took effect (at which point the changes would apply to any lessons from that point onward, even if they were booked before the policy changes were made- including if you have an indefinite ongoing time slot/booking).

Lessons Cancellations

Any number of lessons can be cancelled ahead of time within 48 hours notice and no charge will be made for those lessons (full refunds would be given if you pre paid). Refunds will only be made by e Transfer to your email address (no cash, credit card or any other payment method) and no interest will be paid out. These refunds would be made reasonably promptly but I provide no specific turn around time for them.

Currently, if you cancel a scheduled lesson within 48 hours, we can reschedule it at no extra charge (or you can have a refund for the lesson assuming you have already paid for it, or you can carry that payment forward as a credit and apply it to a future lesson). I make no guarantees regarding the timeliness of rescheduled lessons. For example, if you cancel one of your weekly lessons, we may not be able to reschedule it for that same week. We will have to schedule it whenever I can find a time to offer you a lesson. In some cases, we can extend one of your already booked lessons. For example, if you usually do a 30 minute lesson, we might be able to do a 1 hour lesson once or do two 45 minute lessons to make up for a 30 minute lesson you missed as long as it doesn’t bump another students schedule.

If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, there will still be a charge for the lesson and the lesson will be lost (ie. that payment will cover the cancelled lesson time and you won’t get a lesson in return for that payment at any point). You could still reschedule that lesson to keep up your lesson frequency but would have to pay for that lesson as well.

This policy might change going forward (more notice required for cancellation for example) if I resume working outside of the office more often (i.e. live performances) since it would be more likely (then it currently is) that I turned down other opportunities in order to hold a date and time for you.

If during a lesson, the internet connection or other relevant technology is problematic and makes the lesson not possible, it is sometimes not possible to know for sure who’s connection/technology is the problem. In these cases, we would reschedule that lesson (no extra charge) or I would add some extra time to a future lesson to make up for it (i.e. if we lost 10 minutes of a 30 minute lesson). If the problem is clearly on the students end then unfortunately the lesson would be lost and still charged (ie. you would pay for the lesson time but not get a lesson). In some of these cases, I may at my discretion, still credit you a part of the lesson time if we lost a significant amount of the lesson (for example if we lost 30 minutes of a 1 hour lesson I might be able to add that time to another lesson).

Technology Failures

My internet connection has been very reliable for years. However, if the internet is down on my end for some reason that is beyond my reasonable control, we would reschedule any lessons missed as a result or you could cancel the missed lessons (if you choose to cancel a lesson under these circumstances then you’d get a refund if you paid for it ahead of time). I don’t offer anything else in these cases (such as additional free lessons or compensation of money for opportunities lost). We simply make up the lessons missed or cancel them (with any relevant refunds given).

This same policy applies if I need to cancel or reschedule some lessons temporarily (or permanently cancel or reschedule a regular or indefinite/ongoing time slot lesson booking) for personal or professional scheduling reasons. For example, at some point, I may need to consolidate my teaching schedule in order to accommodate a return (or partial return) to live performances and other types of work outside the office and this could result in a requirement for you to pick a new time slot. In the case that I cannot continue to accommodate all of my students, I would provide referrals to other suitable professional teachers that students could choose to study with. If I need to reduce the number of students I teach, there would be no official prioritization system for who I continue to provide lessons for and who I don’t- it would simply be based on my discretion. However, I highly doubt the issue described here would be a major issue or get to the point where I would have to let students go.

Refunds and Lesson Credits (Further Info)

If you stop taking lessons, we will settle up when you stop (ie. if you owe me for any unpaid lessons or if you have lesson credits or pre paid lessons). If you owe me anything you would pay it by e Transfer only. If I owe you any lessons, you can take those lessons or I can refund you for them. For all pre paid lessons or lesson credits that haven’t been claimed or refunded within a 1 year, I reserve the right to make a final attempt to refund them or book the lessons you are owed (but I can also choose to continue to carry these credits forward at my discretion). I will not send any e Transfer unless I get written email acknowledgment before sending it. This especially applies to any students who are no longer taking lessons. If I can’t get a hold of you, any e Transfer I may have sent you to refund you is unclaimed, I do not have an email address with which to send the e Transfer, or for any other reason an e Transfer can’t be sent to you or received by you, I will attempt to contact you by phone once if I have your phone number. If at that point I am unable to resolve the situation and refund you your money or provide you with lessons of corresponding value based on my lesson fees, no further contact will be attempted in any other form, you will forfeit any lesson credits you had and/or any money you pre paid and will not be entitled to any refunds or lesson credits going forward that you previously had. At this point I would cancel any e Transfers I have sent and keep the money which you will have no future claim to. If I do send an e Transfer to your email address and it is cashed without any acknowledgment or communication from you, I am not responsible if you did not receive the money for any reason. If this is the case, you will be considered to have been refunded and I will have no further responsibility in the matter.


I am not responsible for the safety of anyone during online lessons and you are responsible for providing a safe environment for yourself and any other involved parties to participate in the online lessons. I am not responsibility for providing security on your internet connection/system and devices or for providing general security on any interface we use to connect (Skype, Zoom etc..). I take reasonable steps to ensure security on my end. I am not responsible for interference made by thirds parties or any damage this may cause.

As a part of the lessons, I will typically provide advice and instruction on the physical technique of drumming (grip, technique, ergonomics, posture, drum set positioning etc..) and issues related to hearing protection for the purposes of avoiding injury and increasing drumming/musical ability. To the extent that this info may be relevant to the health, safety and medical care of any involved parties – I am not responsible for providing this info, may or may not provide it or may provide it to varying extents. Although I strongly believe the info I can provide in this regard to be helpful and reasonably accurate based on my knowledge, experience and education (which on certain specific topics is largely based on informal research), it is not necessarily complete and I am not a physician, audiologist,  exercise science specialist or any other relevant specialist. I am therefore not officially or legally qualified to provide official medical advice/care on these or any other topics. No info I provide should be treated as (or conveyed to any other party as) medical care/advice or health/safety advice, especially when factoring in that everyone’s physiology is different (despite basic principles applying). All parties to this agreement have ultimate responsibility for their own health and safety.

Third (Or More) Party Involvement

It is the responsibility of the parties I have provided these policies to, to provide these policies to any other parties that will be involved which I am not aware of (for example a friend, family member or organization who is paying for the lessons for you, or a person you are buying the lessons for etc..). If the policies are not provided to these parties, then any consequences of that (financial, logistical or otherwise) will be the sole responsibility of the parties I am aware of and have provided the policies to. I am not obligated to compromise any of these policies to compensate for or prevent any losses or inconvenience caused to any involved party (including any who’s involvement I am not aware of and/or am not responsible for) as a result of these policies and/or them not being aware of these policies. Any compensation owed to any party as a result of this (financial, logistical or otherwise) would be paid by and be the responsibility of the party I provided the policies to.

Payment can be made if necessary, by a third or 4th etc.. party, approved by myself and the primary party. The names/organizations receipts and/or invoices and/or other documents are made out to may be limited by as well as determined by laws and therefore may not be flexible. No invoices will be provided, but receipts are provide near the end of March, June, September and December and list all the lessons you took during the previous 3 months.