Sound Samples

Rock    Jazz     Funk     Country and Country Rock    Brush Playing   

Latin (Various Styles)    Celtic and East Coast

Canadian     Singer/Songwriter      Drum Tracks Recorded in My Studio      

Alternative Rock      Blues      Swing     

Musical Theater/Variety Production Shows

Acoustic     Pop       Easy Listening         Variety Lounge Act       Hard Rock        

Jazz With Vocals     Rap, Hip Hop and Modern R&B    Folk and Folk Rock

R&B (Classic & Modern)    Classic Rock        “50’s and Oldies”  

Trio/Quartet Jazz    Television Appearances 

Theater Concerts             Metal       Electronic (Various Styles)         

      Progressive Rock     Caribbean (Various Styles)     

Big Band Jazz     Indie Rock    

Cruise Ship           Disco          Fusion         Show Drumming

          In The Studio               Dancer Accompaniment          Soul       

Flamenco           Various Drum Grooves       Polyrhythms          

Drum Solos